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An assertion that a block with blockNumber is confirmed. It also provides data to compute the block production rate in the given time range.

Supported sources: BTC, DOGE, XRP, testBTC, testDOGE, testXRP

Request body#

Field Solidity type Description
blockNumber uint64 The number of the block the request wants a confirmation of.
queryWindow uint64 The length of the period in which the block production rate is to be computed.

Response body#

Field Solidity type Description
blockTimestamp uint64 The timestamp of the block with blockNumber.
numberOfConfirmations uint64 The depth at which a block is considered confirmed depending on the chain. All attestation providers must agree on this number.
lowestQueryWindowBlockNumber uint64 The block number of the latest block that has a timestamp strictly smaller than blockTimestamp - queryWindow.
lowestQueryWindowBlockTimestamp uint64 The timestamp of the block at height lowestQueryWindowBlockNumber.

blockNumber, lowestQueryWindowBlockNumber, blockTimestamp and lowestQueryWindowBlockTimestamp can be used to compute the average block production time in the specified block range.


It is checked that the block with blockNumber is confirmed by at least numberOfConfirmations. If it is not, the request is rejected. We note a block on the tip of the chain is confirmed by 1 block. Then lowestQueryWindowBlock is determined and its number and timestamp are extracted.

Current confirmation heights consensus:

Chain chainId numberOfConfirmations timestamp
BTC 0 6 mediantime
DOGE 2 60 mediantime
XRP 3 3 close_time

Lowest Used Timestamp#

For lowestUsedTimestamp, lowestQueryWindowBlockTimestamp is used.