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A relay of a transaction from an EVM chain. This type is only relevant for EVM-compatible chains.

Supported sources: ETH, FLR, SGB, testETH, testFLR, testSGB

Request body#

Field Solidity type Description
transactionHash bytes32 Hash of the transaction(transactionHash).
requiredConfirmations uint16 The height at which a block is considered confirmed by the requestor.
provideInput bool If true, "input" field is included in the response.
listEvents bool If true, events indicated by logIndices are included in the response. Otherwise, no events are included in the response.
logIndices uint32[] If listEvents is false, this should be an empty list, otherwise, the request is rejected. If listEvents is true, this is the list of indices (logIndex) of the events to be relayed (sorted by the requestor). The array should contain at most 50 indices. If empty, it indicates all events in order capped by 50.

Note that events (logs) are indexed in block not in each transaction. The contract that uses the attestation should specify the order of event logs as needed and the requestor should sort logIndices with respect to the set specifications. If possible, the contact should only require one logIndex.

Response body#

Field Solidity type Description
blockNumber uint64 Number of the block in which the transaction is included.
timestamp uint64 Timestamp of the block in which the transaction is included.
sourceAddress address The address (from) that signed the transaction.
isDeployment bool Indicate whether it is a contract creation transaction.
receivingAddress address The address (to) of the receiver of the initial transaction. Zero address if isDeployment is true.
value uint256 The value transferred by the initial transaction in wei.
input bytes If provideInput, this is the data send along with the initial transaction. Otherwise, it is the default value 0x00.
status uint8 Status of the transaction 1 - success, 0 - failure.
events Event[] If listEvents is true, an array of the requested events. Sorted by the logIndex in the same order as logIndices. Otherwise, an empty array.

The fields are in line with transaction provided by EVM node.

An Event is a struct with the following fields:

Field Solidity type Description
logIndex uint32 The consecutive number of the event in block.
emitterAddress address The address of the contract that emitted the event.
topics bytes32[] An array of up to four 32-byte strings of indexed log arguments.
data bytes Concatenated 32-byte strings of non-indexed log arguments. At least 32 bytes long.
removed bool It is true if the log was removed due to a chain reorganization and false if it is a valid log.

The fields are in line with EVM event logs.


If a transaction with the transactionId is in a block on the main branch with at least requiredConfirmations, the specified data is relayed. If an indicated event does not exist, the request is rejected.

Lowest Used Timestamp#

For lowestUsedTimestamp, timestamp is used.