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Source | Inherits from IIAddressUpdatable

Abstract base class for contracts that depend on other contracts whose addresses can change.

The AddressUpdater contract keeps a list of addresses for all unique and special platform contracts. By inheriting from AddressUpdatable a contract will receive updates if any of the platform contract addresses change.

A contract's address changes when it is redeployed, so AddressUpdatable offers a way to keep up to date with the latest address for all dependencies.



Defined in AddressUpdatable (Docs, Source).

function getAddressUpdater(
) public view returns (
    address _addressUpdater);

Returns the configured address updater.

Returns Type Description
_addressUpdater address The AddresUpdater contract that can update our contract address list, as a response to a governance call.


Defined in AddressUpdatable (Docs, Source).

function updateContractAddresses(
    bytes32[] _contractNameHashes,
    address[] _contractAddresses
) external;

External method called from AddressUpdater only.



Defined in AddressUpdatable (Docs, Source).

modifier onlyAddressUpdater()

Only the AdressUpdater contract can call this method. Its address is set at construction time but it can also update itself.