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Contract for verifying AddressValidity attestations within the State Connector. This contract can be utilized at the end of the attestation request process to verify that the data returned by an attestation provider matches the on-chain Merkle proof.



Defined in AddressValidityVerification (Docs, Source).

    contract IMerkleRootStorage _merkleRootStorage
) public;


Defined in AddressValidityVerification (Docs, Source).

function verifyAddressValidity(
    struct AddressValidity.Proof _proof
) external view returns (
    bool _proved);

Verifies the AddressValidity attestation using a Merkle proof. It checks whether the provided proof corresponds to the on-chain Merkle root for the voting round specified inside the proof.

Parameters Type Description
_proof struct AddressValidity.Proof The AddressValidity attestation proof, which includes the Merkle proof and the attestation data. This proof is obtained directly from attestation providers. To learn about the format of this data, see Attestation types.
Returns Type Description
_proved bool Whether the attestation is successfully verified.



Defined in AddressValidityVerification (Docs, Source).

    contract IMerkleRootStorage merkleRootStorage