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Internal interface for entities that can have their block history cleaned.



Defined in IICleanable (Docs, Source).

function cleanupBlockNumber(
) external view returns (

Get the current cleanup block number set with setCleanupBlockNumber.

Returns Type Description
[0] uint256 The currently set cleanup block number.


Defined in IICleanable (Docs, Source).

function setCleanerContract(
    address _cleanerContract
) external;

Set the contract that is allowed to call history cleaning methods.

Parameters Type Description
_cleanerContract address Address of the cleanup contract. Usually this will be an instance of CleanupBlockNumberManager.


Defined in IICleanable (Docs, Source).

function setCleanupBlockNumber(
    uint256 _blockNumber
) external;

Set the cleanup block number. Historic data for the blocks before cleanupBlockNumber can be erased. History before that block should never be used since it can be inconsistent. In particular, cleanup block number must be lower than the current vote power block.

Parameters Type Description
_blockNumber uint256 The new cleanup block number.