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The FlareDrop#

The FlareDrop, previously called the Delegation Incentive Pool in the FIP.01, is a distribution method for the 24.25B remaining $FLR tokens after the original airdrop.

This page explains how to manage FlareDrop functionality in applications.

Required Contracts#

Working with the FlareDrop requires interacting with these contracts:

To find their addresses, read the Contract Addresses page.


Basic Claiming#

The Dist.claim method allows claiming the FlareDrop one account at a time.

function claim(
    address _rewardOwner,
    address _recipient,
    uint256 _month,
    bool _wrap
) external returns(
    uint256 _rewardAmount

It transfers the FlareDrop rewards accrued by account _rewardOwner during the specified _month to the specified _recipient.

_wrap controls whether the reward is transferred in native $FLR tokens or wrapped in $WFLR tokens.

You can use Dist.getCurrentMonth() to find out the current month (starting at 0), or Dist.getClaimableMonths() to get the interval of months which are currently available for claiming. Use Dist.getClaimableAmount() or Dist.getClaimableAmountOf() to find out if a given address has pending rewards on any given month.

Dist.claim() returns the amount of claimed rewards.

Two modes of operation are supported: Self-claiming and claiming on behalf of another account.

  • Self-Claiming:

    When msg.sender matches _rewardOwner, the caller is claiming its own rewards. In this case _recipient can be any address.

  • Claiming on behalf of another account:

    When msg.sender does not match _rewardOwner, the caller must be a claim executor, claiming on behalf of _rewardOwner.

    If _msg.sender is not in the authorized list of executors for _rewardOwner, the call will revert. Authorized executors must be set beforehand by _rewardOwner using CSM.setClaimExecutors().

    The _recipient must either be _rewardOwner, its PDA, or any of the authorized recipients previously set by _rewardOwner using CSM.setAllowedClaimRecipients(). The call will revert otherwise.

Batched Claiming#

The Dist.autoClaim() method allows claiming the FlareDrop for an arbitrary amount of accounts in a single call, with convenient default values.

function autoClaim(
    address[] calldata _rewardOwners,
    uint256 _month
) external;

It claims the rewards accrued by all the accounts in the _rewardOwners array during the specified _month.

If an account does not have an enabled PDA, the rewards are sent to the same account.

However, if an account does have an enabled PDA, the rewards are sent to the PDA account. Any rewards accrued by the PDA account are also claimed and sent to the PDA.

Rewards claimed with this method are always wrapped.

If the executor is a registered executor with a nonzero fee, the fee is automatically deducted from each claimed reward and sent to the executor account (unwrapped). If rewards are claimed for both an address and its PDA, the fee is deducted only once.

The call reverts if:

  • msg.sender is not in the authorized list of executors for any of the _rewardOwners.
  • The total claimed rewards for any of the _rewardOwners is not high enough to cover the executor's fee.