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The following tools already support the Flare network.

API Providers#

These companies provide API services like RPC endpoints, for example. Unlike Flare's public RPC endpoints, paid services are typically not rate-limited.

Identity and Account Abstraction#

Indexing and Querying#

Blockchains typically store the history of all transactions but not the latest, consolidated state of individual accounts. The companies below provide fast access to this information

Monitoring Tools#

These tools report information about Flare networks:


Storing large amounts of data on-chain is typically very expensive. These are some decentralized storage alternatives.


Please see the Wallet user guides for a list of wallets currently supporting the Flare network.

For some common ways of integrating wallets into dapps, see:

Blockchain Interaction Tools#

Enhancing EVM-compatible blockchain interactions, these tools streamline dapp development by simplifying wallet integration and smart-contract connectivity.