Observation node

The node does not sync after a long time and dies abruptly, what to do?

Make sure, that the database location has sufficient disk space (database size might change a lot during bootstrapping).

I'm getting strange errors on submission and revert messages are cryptic

This might be a symptom of node connection error. Try to restart node and make sure you have enough disk space.

I am getting a strange error failed to send GetAcceptedFrontier(MtF8bVH241hetCQJgsKEdKyJBs8vhp1BC, 11111111111111111111111111111111LpoYY, NUMBER) when bootstrapping the node, what should I do?

It seems, that your node got disconnected during the bootstrapping. Restart the node, but to speed up the process, use --existing flag to reuse the data and don’t do the bootstrap from zero.

I have synced the node but it does not become healthy. What can I do?

It often happens that a new node gets synced but stays unhealthy for no apparent reason. A restart with --existing flag usually helps.
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