D'CENT Wallet
How to use your D'CENT hardware wallet to access the Songbird network
D'CENT Biometric Wallet is a non-custodial hardware wallet and considered one of the most secure ways to manage your crypto assets.

Getting Started

Purchase a D'CENT Biometric hardware wallet from the official D'CENT shop or download their software wallet from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Then either initialize a new wallet or import an existing one from a recovery phrase. The official guides in the D'CENT help center may be of assistance.

Wrap and Delegate

The D'CENT team are developing an FTSO portal to support features such as wrapping, unwrapping and delegating Songbird (SGB). Before their FTSO portal is launched, D'CENT users can use existing decentralized applications (dapps) created by independent signal providers to wrap and delegate. Open the D'CENT Wallet and click on the Discovery tab.
Enter the address of the website or dapp you wish to use to wrap and delegate in the built-in browser. Delegating using this method is not exclusive to one specific signal provider, as the dapps listed below allow you to choose from a number of different signal providers.
Examples of signal providers that have developed dapps for wrapping and delegation are FTSO AU and Aureus Ox. In the D'CENT Wallet Discovery tab enter for example app.ftso.com.au or aureusox.com/dashboard
Other signal providers are hosting similar websites or dapps for wrapping and delegation. See the full list of signal providers on Songbird at flaremetrics.io/ftso
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