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Block Explorers#

Block explorers enable you to analyze transactions and interact with addresses on blockchains.

Flare provides two versions of its block explorer to examine the network activities in the Flare ecosystem.

  • Flarescan block explorers: Provide full support for the C-chain, basic support for the P-chain, and analytics.

  • Original Flare block explorers: Provide analytics plus full support for the C-chain, but they do not provide support for the P-chain.

Network Flarescan Block Explorers Original Flare Block Explorers
Flare Mainnet Flare Mainnet Explorer Original Flare Mainnet Explorer
Songbird Songbird Canary Explorer Original Songbird Explorer
Coston Coston Canary Explorer Original Coston Explorer
Coston2 Coston2 Testnet Explorer Original Coston2 Explorer


These guides refer to the original Flare block explorers.