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Block Explorer Dashboard#

Each block explorer provides a dashboard that includes the following elements:

Block Explorer Dashboard

Block Explorer Dashboard.

Use the options in the navigation bar to explore the blockchain and toggle light and dark modes.

  • Blocks: View recently created blocks and their constituent transactions.
  • Transactions: View validated or pending transactions.
  • Tokens: View a list of all the tokens on the blockchain or the addresses of wallets that hold a specific token.
  • APIs: For web3 developers to retrieve blockchain data.
  • Network: View the explorers for other networks in the Flare ecosystem.
  • Display theme: Toggle between light and dark mode.
  • Search: Search the blockchain by address, token symbol, token name, transaction hash, or block number.


The metrics section displays the following information:

  • Gas tracker: The average amount of gas required to process a transaction on a Flare network. Gas is denominated in units of gwei, where 1,000,000,000 gwei equals one token on a Flare network.
  • Average block time: The average time required to confirm a block.
  • Total transactions: The total amount of verified transactions.
  • Total blocks: The total amount of confirmed blocks.
  • Wallet addresses: The total amount of wallets created on the network.


A block is a group of transactions submitted, validated, and recorded on the blockchain. Each block has a sequential ID and a number of transactions aggregated in the block. To view details about a block and the transactions it contains, click the block ID. Alternatively, view a continuous list of confirmed blocks as they occur by clicking View All Blocks.




Transactions are the various actions you can take on a blockchain. They are categorized by the following types:

  • Standard: Transfers of tokens between two wallets.
  • Contract: Interactions between two smart contracts or a wallet and a smart contract. Contract transactions include delegating tokens, transferring tokens, wrapping and unwrapping tokens, and so on. Interactions between two smart contracts are internal transactions.

Transaction Types

Transaction Types.

Last update: 2023-06-06