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Viewing Token Transfers#

This page is for advanced users.

The following guide refers to the original Flare block explorers.

Use the block explorer to view token transfers to and from an address.

  1. Retrieve the address whose token transfers you want to view.
  2. Open the block explorer for the appropriate network. The block explorer dashboard is displayed.
  3. Insert the address from Step 1 into the Search field. If the address exists, it is highlighted in the results list.
  4. Click the highlighted address. The Address Details page is displayed.
  5. Click the Token Transfers tab, as shown in the following image:

    Token Transfers
    Token Transfers.

    The Token Transfers list is displayed.

  6. Click the transaction hash for the token transfer you want to view. The following details about the transfer are displayed:

    • Transaction Hash: A unique identifier that proves a transaction is verified and added to the blockchain.
    • Result: The state of the transaction. The state is either Success, Pending, or Failed.
    • Status: The status of the transaction. The status is either Confirmed or Unconfirmed.
    • Block: The number of the block that contains the transaction.
    • Timestamp: The date and time when the transaction was added to the blockchain and the amount of time required to confirm it.
    • From: The address of the transaction sender.
    • Interacted With (To): The address of the contract that handles the transaction.
    • Tokens Transferred
      • From: The address that initiated the transaction with the contract.
      • To: The address of the recipient of the token in the transaction.
      • For: The symbol of the token and its quantity in the transaction.
    • Value: The quantity of tokens sent.
    • Transaction Fee: The total cost of the transaction.
    • Gas Price: The price per unit of gas specified by the sender. Units are measured in gwei.
    • Transaction Type:
    • Gas Limit: The maximum amount of gas approved for the transaction.
    • Max Fee Per Gas: The maximum total amount per unit of gas the sender would pay, including the base fee and priority fee.
    • Max Priority Fee per Gas: The maximum fee per unit of gas specified by the sender to pay a validator to prioritize the transaction. This fee is also called a tip.
    • Priority Fee/Tip: The priority fee specified by the sender to pay a validator to prioritize the transaction.
    • Transaction Burnt Fee: The amount of $FLR burned for the transaction.
    • Gas Used by Transaction: The actual amount of gas used by the transaction.
    • Nonce Position: The transaction number from the sender's address. Each transaction made by an address increases the nonce by one.
    • Raw Input: The hashed input of a transaction. This input accompanies the transaction to process it.
    • Input: The relevant functions that were called and parameters used in the transaction.