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Manual Delegation#

This page explains how to delegate using a block explorer and Metamask.

Congratulations on taking this more technical approach, it will enable you to better understand the system.

How to find the address of my chosen price provider?#

Google 'Flare metrics' and in that website, one can press on ones chosen price provider and find the 'songbird address' which should look something like: 0xbf61db1cdb43d196309824473fa82e5b17581159. When browsing such an address in the block explorer you should see that every few minutes it is submitting a transaction named: SubmitPriceHashes or RevealPrices.

Where can I find the delegation API#

The delegation API can be found in the WNAT contract here in function no. 5 delegate.

What values to use in the delegation API?#

The API for delegation is: delegate(_to address, bips), where bips is the percentage in basis points. 10000 bips = 100% and 5000 bips = 50%. If one wants to delegate 100% of his vote power to the price provider in address: 0xbf61db1cdb43d196309824473fa82e5b17581159 the call should look like: delegate(0xbf61db1cdb43d196309824473fa82e5b1758115, 10000).

How do I remove my delegation from a price provider?#

For removing a delegation you should delegate 0% to the price provider you want to remove delegations from.

What is the easiest way to redelegate my vote power?#

It is probably easiest to first use undelegateAll() API - see No. 25 in the wNat contract here then delegate to your chosen price provider/s.

Last update: 2022-06-29
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