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Reward Claiming Overview#

Each user delegating its vote power to an active data provider can earn rewards. The rewards are accumulated through the course of reward epochs, 7-days long on Songbird and 3.5-days long on Flare. Once each reward epoch finalizes, the user can claim the rewards that were earned during this reward epoch.

The rewards are accumulated in the FtsoRewardManager contract and expire after 90 days. The claim operation costs some gas, paid in $FLR or $SGB, and can be done for one reward epoch or a list of a few epochs at once.

The reward system distributes a large part of the yearly inflation to participants of the FTSO system. This could be seen as the mining process for the Flare chains. During the first years of Flare's and Songbird's existence, most of the yearly inflation will be distributed to participants of the FTSO system. The distribution works such that the yearly inflation is divided into daily portions. That daily portion is split between all price epochs happening that day.

The FTSO system includes data feeds for all types of data. Per epoch, one FTSO data feed is chosen to be rewarded. The reward is split between the addresses which submitted the most accurate data.

Reward flow:

  • Per epoch, all data feeds to an FTSO are used to calculate a weighted median.
  • The weighted median is chosen as the best result of this FTSO (time series).
  • Next, a percentage of the addresses on each side of the weighted median are chosen to be rewarded.
  • Each address is rewarded according to its weight (vote power).
  • The reward data is sent to the FtsoRewardManager smart contract.
  • Once the reward epoch is finalized, this reward can be claimed from the FtsoRewardManager.

Each data provider receives rewards according to its vote power. Those rewards can be claimed by the data provider and anyone who delegated its vote power to this data provider during this reward epoch.

Last update: 2023-01-25