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Welcome to the Flare Network Documentation#

Flare is the blockchain for data. It is a Layer 1, EVM smart contract platform designed to expand the utility of blockchain. Read more in What Is Flare?

For token holders#

User Guides#

Step-by-step guides for tools like the Explorer or the different wallets.

For developers#

Get Started Building#

Information to quickly start developing on the Flare networks

Developer Guides#

In-depth information about the Flare networks

API Reference#

in-depth information about the Flare smart contracts APIs

For everyone#

Flare Products#

Descriptions of Flare’s products

Flare Concepts#

Descriptions of Flare’s key concepts, technology and tools

For infrastructure providers#

Infrastructure Guides#

Step-by-step guides on how to deploy the different components that make up the Flare ecosystem

These pages are a Work In Progress. Use the contact buttons at the bottom of the page if there is anything you cannot find here!