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Enkrypt Wallet#

Enkrypt is a multichain, open-source and non-custodial wallet that tracks no data. It interacts with Polkadot, Ethereum, Bitcoin and more, all directly in the browser.

Getting Started#

  1. Install Enkrypt.
  2. Create a new wallet or import an existing wallet to Enkrypt.
  3. Securely back up your recovery phrase offline.
  4. Protect your Enkrypt wallet with a password.

Once your wallet is set up, you will need to connect to one of Flare's networks. This involves adding a custom network via the following steps:

  1. Add Flare or Songbird as a custom networks in Enkrypt using these parameters:

    Field Value
    Chain ID 19
    Network Name Songbird
    Currency Symbol SGB
    New RPC URL
    Block Explorer URL
    Field Value
    Chain ID 14
    Network Name Flare
    Currency Symbol FLR
    New RPC URL
    Block Explorer URL

You should now see your tokens in the balance and be able to use Enkrypt to connect to any web DApp designed for the Flare or Songbird networks.

Wrap and Delegate#

Once connected to the Flare or Songbird network, enter the address of the website or dapp you wish to use to wrap and delegate in any web3 browser. A few of the FTSO data providers have developed dapps integrated with their websites that allow users to wrap, delegate and claim $FLR and $SGB rewards. Delegating using this method is not exclusive to one specific provider, as these dapps allow you to choose from a number of different providers. Take a look at and pick the one you prefer.

Last update: 2023-01-25