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What is Flare?#

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Flare is a layer-1 blockchain network aimed at working with decentralized data.

Flare is used just like Ethereum: even though the code is different, Flare offers the same API, supports the same smart contracts and the EVM just like Ethereum. As an example, Flare also supports NFTs.

Common blockchain tools like wallets and block explorers are fully available on Flare.

The native currency of the Flare network is the $FLR token, which is not an ERC-20 token. $FLR is handled the same way $ETH is handled on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Flare Protocols#

A number of protocols are actively being developed on the Flare network that provide on-chain decentralized data:

The Flare Networks#

Flare has 4 networks with different purposes:

The Flare networks

General feature adoption flow.

Last update: 2023-06-06