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FAssets Open Beta#

The FAssets system is currently in the open-beta period on the Coston test network. To ensure a seamless experience for open-beta participants, the FAssets codebase was updated based on the results of the closed-beta.

FAssets Open Beta Objectives#

The objectives of the FAssets open beta are:

  • Test the FAssets system in a live environment.
  • Gather feedback from users to improve the FAssets functionality and documentation.
  • Continue the education of the various roles supporting FAssets, such as agents, liquidators, and challengers, so that they can get practical experience and prepare themselves for the general launch of the FAssets system.
  • Identify and resolve any remaining inconsistencies to ensure the system is as robust as possible before adding real user funds.

FAssets Open Beta Phases#

This open-beta period consists of two phases:

  • Phase One: In this phase, agents will be onboarded. Although other advanced users can join, they can interact with the FAssets system only via the command-line interface.
  • Phase Two: In this phase, a graphical user interface will be released for everyone to use instead of the command line.

Open Beta

To participate, please begin by joining the Telegram channel. Thank you for supporting the development of FAssets.

Some web browsers and ad blockers might prevent this functionality.

Following the Coston open beta, the next stage will launch on Songbird.