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D'CENT Wallet#

D'CENT Biometric Wallet is a non-custodial hardware wallet and is considered one of the most secure ways to manage your crypto assets.

Getting Started#

Purchase a D'CENT Biometric hardware wallet from the official D'CENT shop or download their software wallet/mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then either initialize a new wallet or import an existing one from a recovery phrase. The official D'cent device setup help guides can be found here:

Once your device is set up and synced with the mobile app you will need to add SGB to your listed assets:

  1. Ensure the D'cent biometric wallet is updated with the latest firmware, v2.16.7 or later
  2. Login to your D'cent mobile app and have your device turned on, unlocked, and paired via Bluetooth
  3. Click the + sign on the bottom right of the Account tab
  4. Search Songbird in the search box
  5. Select the Songbird Token (SGB)
  6. Name your SGB account and click Create

Wrap and Delegate#

Users can wrap and delegate their SGB/WSGB using D'cent`s native FTSO Portal:

  1. Click the Discovery tab at the bottom middle of the screen
  2. Select the FTSO Portal from the menu then click Go
  3. Choose the Songbird account you wish to use and click Connect
  4. You will need to wrap your SGB by clicking SGB ↔️ WSGB marked in green near the top middle of the screen
  5. Input the SGB amount you want to wrap and click the green SGB ↔️ WSGB box
  6. Click Confirm and follow the prompts to sign the transaction with your hardware device
  7. You can now delegate your WSGB by clicking Add delegation. Providers listed as a Partner have additional security features integrated with D'cent.
  8. Select a provider and input a % amount of WSGB holdings you want to delegate to their service and press Delegate
  9. Click Confirm and follow the prompts to sign the transaction with your hardware device
  10. Repeat steps 7 - 9 if you wish to add a second provider (up to two)

Last update: 2022-08-01
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