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The MetaMask browser extension is a convenient way to access and interact with blockchains like Songbird. You access your Songbird (SGB) claim by adding a custom network to MetaMask. Make sure that you have securely backed up your recovery phrase before proceeding.

Getting Started#

To use MetaMask with Songbird (SGB), first make sure that you have:

  1. Installed the latest version of Google Chrome
  2. Installed the MetaMask browser extension
  3. Created a new wallet or imported an existing wallet to MetaMask
  4. Securely backed up your recovery phrase offline
  5. Protected your MetaMask with a password

Connect MetaMask to Songbird#

You can access Songbird by adding a custom network to the MetaMask browser extension:

  1. Open the MetaMask browser extension
  2. Unlock your MetaMask wallet with your password
  3. Click on Custom RPC in the network dropdown menu

    a) Enter network name: Songbird

    b) Enter RPC URL:

    c) Enter chain ID: 19

    d) Enter symbol: SGB

    e) Enter block explorer URL:

    f) Click Save

  4. Select Songbird in the network dropdown menu


Please note that Towo Labs RPC node available at: is only for individuals and not for commercial use. Companies and developers may contact Towo Labs to arrange dedicated access.

You should now be able to see your Songbird (SGB) balance on the overview. To receive SGB, copy your account address and share it with the sender. To send SGB, click Send and enter the recipient address, enter the desired amount and click Next.


Always review all transaction details in MetaMask before confirming any transaction!

Wrap and Delegate#

Once connected to the Songbird network, enter the address of the website or dapp you wish to use to wrap and delegate in the Metamask browser. A few of the data providers have developed dapps integrated with their websites that allow users to wrap, delegate and claim SGB rewards. Delegating using this method is not exclusive to one specific provider, as these dapps allow you to choose from a number of different providers.

Examples of data providers that have developed dapps for wrapping and delegation are FTSO AU and Aureus Ox. Their dapps are available at and

Other providers have their own websites and are developing similar dapps. See the full list of active signal providers on

Last update: 2022-06-29
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