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Bifrost Wallet#

Bifrost Wallet is a noncustodial mobile wallet available for both Android and iOS. You can view your portfolio of crypto assets, access decentralized applications through the in-app browser and perform operations on various blockchain networks, including sending, receiving, wrapping and delegating Flare ($FLR) and Songbird ($SGB).

Getting Started#

Start by downloading Bifrost Wallet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and either create a new wallet or import an existing one from a recovery phrase.

The official guides in the Bifrost Wallet help center may be of assistance.

Please make sure you have installed at least version 0.4.5

XRP Airdrop

Note that, once $FLR distribution begins, users who imported their Ethereum-style claim address into Bifrost to access the XRP airdrop will automatically see their tokens in the Flare asset row in the COINS section.

Adding Flare Tokens#

When your balance of any native or wrapped token on the Flare network or Songbird network is more than 0, Bifrost Wallet automatically displays the balance. No additional action is required.

Wrap and Delegate#

When you delegate your vote power to FTSO data providers, you not only support the Flare ecosystem but also earn monetary rewards.

To wrap and delegate your $FLR or $SGB tokens using Bifrost Wallet, see Bifrost's guide for wrapping and delegating $FLR and guide for wrapping and delegating $SGB.

Alternatively, wrap and delegate your $FLR or $SGB tokens using the Flare Portal. First, wrap your tokens, and then delegate them.


When you connect your wallet to a dapp such as the Flare Portal, always double-check that the address shown in the dapp is the one you intend.

See the Caution box at the bottom of the Wallets page for more information.