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Staking on Validators#

This section contains information about staking Flare assets on validators and receiving rewards earned from your stake.

Lists of Validators#

Use any of the following tools to obtain the latest list of validators and their stats:


The amount that you can stake and the rewards you can gain by staking are restricted by these limits:

  • Delegation factor: Limits the total amount that can be staked to a validator to its self-bond, which is the amount validators stake to their own nodes, times the delegation factor, which is 15. For example, if a validator has a self-bond stake of 1M $FLR, the total sum of all stakes, including delegations, cannot exceed 15M $FLR. This limit allows for 14M $FLR of delegations.

    To determine whether a validator has space for more delegations, open the FlareMetrics list of validators, hover over the progress bar in the Total Stake column, and look at the Free Space amount.

  • Staking cap: Limits the reward performance of individual validators to 5% of the total staked amount. If you stake your funds on a validator with more than 5% of the total staked amount, you receive less $FLR in reward. To maximize your reward, delegate your staking funds to a validator with less than 5% of the total staked amount of $FLR.

    To determine whether a validator exceeds the staking cap, open the FlareMetrics list of validators and look for an exclamation mark beside the amount of $FLR staked in the Total Stake column and hover over it.

  • Maximum number of validators: You can stake to any number of validators, but rewards, FlareDrops, and governance vote power only apply for up to 3 different validators.

    For more information about validators, see Validator Nodes.

Last update: 2024-03-01