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Claiming the FlareDrop#

Claiming the FlareDrop is available every 30 days and is based on the average balance from the last 23 days of each 30-day month. Therefore, it is advised that each address claim its funds during the first 7 days of each 30-day round.

See The FlareDrop concept page for further explanation.

FlareDrop Distribution Dates

FlareDrop distribution dates.

There are several ways to claim. You can claim:

Two steps to ensure receiving all your $FLR !

You must:

  1. Wrap $FLR to receive it. Rewards are proportional to the $WFLR balance, not $FLR, so always wrap as much $FLR as you can! Wrapping has no downside: Wrapped tokens continue to be available for delegation and governance voting, for example, and they can be unwrapped at any time. See Wrapping Flare Tokens.
  2. Claim before the distribution expires. After the distribution becomes claimable, it expires in two bank months and a week (67 days).

Claiming from the Flare Portal#

Claim manually from the Flare Portal. From there, you can see how many $FLR tokens you have to claim and you can claim them.

  1. Go to the Flare Portal.
  2. Click Connect to Wallet and log into your wallet.


    When you connect your wallet to a dapp such as the Flare Portal, always double-check that the address shown in the dapp is the one you intend.

    See the Caution box at the bottom of the Wallets page for more information.

  3. Your Main Account is open by default. If you enabled a PDA and want to claim for it instead, click Delegation Account.

  4. Under Claim your FlareDrop distribution, any $FLR you have to claim displays on the button.
    Claim Your FlareDrop Distribution
    Claim Your FlareDrop Distribution.
  5. Click the Claim button to claim your $FLR. A confirmation dialog opens.
    FlareDrop claiming confirmation
    FlareDrop claiming confirmation.
    As a convenience, you have the choice to wrap your tokens after claiming them. In this way they are ready for the next FlareDrop or to be delegated to the FTSO system, for example.
  6. Click on the Claim All Distribution button.
  7. Confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Nominating Executors#

Alternatively, you can assign an executor to claim the FlareDrop for you. This is useful for cold wallets but also for any users wishing to reduce their operational burden. See Automatic Claiming to learn how.